Brand capitalization

Brands are assets holding great potential for capitalization. As such they can be licensed out, serve as collateral for company financing, they can be put on the balance sheet in certain circumstances and they can be extended and moved into other categories.

IP VAL assists companies to manage brands as business assets. We offer advice, tailored to client specific needs and assists firms on the following matters:

Brand licensing

Brand licensing is the most direct way to realize cash flows with the brand. IP VAL offers the whole licensing consulting value chain from developing the licensing concept, calculating adequate royalty rates, screening the licensor market and handling the payment and controlling process.

Brand financing

Brands are economically reasonable assets meant for serving as collateral within company financing structures as they usually survive human beings, patents and even tangibles by far. IP VAL supports companies in structuring brand backed financing deals, including looking for the best financing partner.

Brand extension

Brands are holistic emotional concepts which can be transferred to other product and service categories. IP VAL analyses the brand’s core competence and shows ways how to carefully and sustainably expand it into new areas.