Brand creation & brand strategy

Brand strategy is a systematic plan defining the clear vision and articulation of how a brand will create attractiveness and demand on the market and commitment or influence among key stakeholder. There is no prescription or template for developing a brand strategy as it needs to be based on your company’s, industry’s and competitive specific variables in order to allow the brand to successfully represent the a strategic vision driving business performance, culture & attitude.

IP VAL assists companies to define their brand or brand portfolio strategy. IP VAL offers advice, tailored to client specific needs and assists firms on the following matters:

Brand positioning

A relevant brand positioning ensures an attractive and relevant image and experience of the company towards all key stakeholders. Through an interactive and explorative consulting process, IP VAL’s consultants help you defining the following:

  • What are the most relevant and differentiating brand drivers?
  • What is the single minded value proposition that compels to the key stakeholders?
  • What are the facts that support the value proposition and can bring it to life?

Brand change/ transfer - migration process

The need for more global synergies, the increase in M&A activity and the growth in brand asset value is making more companies to seriously consider the move to one brand or at least a simplified brand portfolio. But before making any decision it is important that you evaluate whether this change will add real value to your company. IP VAL’s team helps you answering the following questions:

  • Do those brands attract similar customer segments with similar needs?
  • Is there a high risk of customer or employee defection due to brands having incompatible images?
  • What is the best moment and processes to migrate?

Brand architecture

Brand architecture is the organizational structure of a brand portfolio that specifies the role each brand in that portfolio plays and the nature of the relationships between the brands. IP VAL helps you defining the architecture approach that provides the greatest competitive advantage and supports its business structure and strategy.