Brand management

Consumers experience the brand on a number of touch points which are – among others – the product itself, the advisor, the communication activities. A positive brand perception among all those touch points drives demand in the favor of the brand and allows higher sales volumes at better prices. Both are critical factors for generating additional economic value.

IP VAL assists companies to evaluate, track and ultimately improve the brand perception and and its potential to create economic value to its owner. IP VAL offers brand management systems, tailored to client specific needs and assists firms on the following matters:

Brand performance management

Branding has to support or even guide the operating business. To ensure an efficient and effective brand management, IP VAL consultant team uses tools and scorecards measuring the impact of the branding plan (implementation plan) and the respective initiatives. IPVal helps you answering questions like: Do the communication activities support the relevant/defined image factors and how do these activities influence customer behavior? What are the loss rates and reasons for loss in the purchasing process? Etc.

Brand analytics

Branding has to support or even guide the operating business. To support strategic decisions in brand management, IP VAL provides solutions measuring and /or simulating the impact of the branding strategy and implementation options. Our consultants can answer questions like : What positioning best drives customers’ choice? What slogan does best improve the overall brand image? What add campaign best supports the brand image? Etc.

Brand risk management

Brand risks are any kind of threats to the brand’s ongoing capacity to generate demand and create commitment or influence among key stakeholder. IP VAL’s team assists companies in proactively identifying the possible risk factors for their brand and proactively manage them and to put a contingency plan in place and be prepared if a risk was to occur.