Innovation strategy & definition

Well before drafting, filing, or registering an innovation, consideration must be given as to its actual worth. It must be established that there is not a better one available, and whether it is possible to find better opportunities with fewer risks, less expense and greater buoyancy by tapping the sometimes undervalued resources of an intellectual property. GEVERS’ experts will help examine all the alternatives

Innovation strategy

Beyond any doubt. But you have to give yourself every possible chance. Searches for precedence, freedom to operate, technological news, strategic watch, portfolio audit: all are services offered by intellectual property so as to understand what the competition is doing, identify innovation opportunities, perfect a development strategy and resolutely commit to it. Objectives? A process built up step by step, a mobilised team and last but not least the growth of your company.

Naturally the intellectual property experts will not act in your place. However, if they use these tools well, if they are open and aware of economic and competitive considerations and if they are at your side and know you perfectly, there can be no doubt that their contribution to your development could be vital.

This is our ambition at GEVERS.