Intellect Protect

A new insurance product for your intellectual property presented in cooperation with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. Thanks to our knowledge of intellectual property and the expertise of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits in the field of insurance, we can present an attractive insurance product “Intellect Protect”. “ Intellect Protect”, offers affordable enforcement of your intellectual property rights helping protect you better against high and unexpected costs which can occur when third parties attack your IP rights.

An insurance in cooperation with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits

To protect your intellectual property rights is one thing, enforcing them is another. Sometimes, the cost for third party  procedures can run high… so high that it is difficult or impossible to fully defend your rights. Although an insurance will not always offer the full solution, we are pleased to present with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits an insurance that in many instances can provide a real answer. Determining if this insurance is right for your business depends upon a number of factors, including the importance of the intellectual rights for your business.

Intellect Protect protects your business when you are deemed liable for the infringement of intellectual property rights of another party, but it also covers the costs that you may incur when bringing  an action against a company that has violated your own proprietary rights.

Specifically for clients of GEVERS, we have obtained exclusive premium conditions. Based on a short questionnaire, a first evaluation of the to be insured risk is made, and in some cases also an initial indication of the cost. On the basis the first evaluation, we may perform a more thorough assessment in order to allow our  broker to offer you an insurance plan best  meeting your needs.