A new GEVERS trade secret protection and management offer

With a new trade secret protection and management offer, we complete our 360° IP offering by providing a comprehensive and legally compliant trade secret management and protection system, a must for the IP strategies of most of our clients.

The context: trade secrets are increasing in importance 

The increasing importance of confidential information in today’s business environment is no secret anymore. With the rise of open innovation, greater employee mobility and increased cyber threats among other factors, the value of trade secrets and the need to proactively protect them has only increased over the years. Trade secrets are important for R&D, innovation, competitiveness and growth and having a strong management and protection system in place is now a must for any innovative company.

A new EU Directive. The growing importance of trade secrets has been acknowledged by the EU legislator that adopted the so called ‘Trade Secret Directive’ on June 8, 2016 (EU Directive  2016/943). Its objective is to harmonize the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets) against their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure at the EU level.

Increased protection and… increased risks. One notable consequence of the adoption of the directive is to strengthen the powers granted to trade secret owners by giving them better tools to fight against trade secrets misappropriation. The flip side of course are increased risks for the recipient of trade secret entrusted by a third party. Not handling them properly could lead to disastrous consequences and a well-organized management and tracking of trade secrets within an organization has therefore become part of any good management practices.

The ‘reasonable steps’ requirement. With the implementation of the EU directive into national laws, only those who will be able to prove that they have taken ‘Reasonable steps’ to keep the information secret will be able to invoke the protection granted by the enhanced protection regime. First step is thus to identify, classify and manage trade secrets within your organization so as to implement the right measures to protect their confidentiality and be able to evidence this.

The clock is ticking and your business needs to anticipate. With less than a year left for the implementation of the Trade Secret Directive by member states (at the latest by June 9, 2018), implementing a comprehensive strategy to manage confidential information within your organization should be on top of your priority list.


We can help your organization protect its trade secrets

This is why Gevers has developed a comprehensive and legally compliant Trade Secret Offer that enables our clients to better protect, manage and enforce their trade secrets through the implementation of a 4 steps method and the use of a unique tool: 

  1. a training and awareness session on trade secret protection and the new requirements imposed by the EU Trade Secret Directive;
  2. an audit of the trade secrets protection mechanisms and processes in place in your organization;
  3. a detailed report with recommendations for improving your protection mechanisms;
  4. on demand support for the implementation of said recommendations, including a trade secret management software.

A unique Trade Secret Asset Management Tool. In order to go one step further and provide our clients with a one stop shop solution for the protection of their confidential information, Gevers has partnered up with Chawton Innovation Services to offer our clients a unique, efficient and easy to use trade secret management tool. This tool can be run directly by your organization or by us on your behalf, depending on your internal resources.

Don’t wait and contact us for more information on how we can help your organization protect its confidential information and add more value to its innovations: tradesecret@gevers.eu.